How Snapchat Can Help Your Brand

I know what you’re thinking. Snapchat - isn’t that the app all the teenagers use to send messages about their parents where the messages self- destruct after a few seconds? Why on earth would I want to use that to help market my brand? Well there are a few good reasons that brands need to consider snapchat as part of their marketing platform.

1)     Target  the Millennial Demographic Effectively

The 13-30 year old demographic is increasingly hard to market to, yet they have disposable income and are looking for brands that “get them”. Use a platform where this demographic is already comfortable and you’re more likely to get traction. Given that the 13-25 year old demographic makes up 50% of the users on Snapchat, it’s a great way to engage with younger consumers in an organic and edgy way.

2)     It’s a Good Way to Build Your Brand

Snapchat is great for some aspects of direct marketing such as coupons (more on that later) but the biggest advantage is that it allows you to build your brand through quick and quirky snaps. As a one-to-many platform, Snapchat allows brands to get their message out, but without it feeling like a commercial. 

3)     It Allows Brands to Give “Sneak Peeks” to their followers.

One of the great benefits of Snapchat is that the photos and videos are designed to only last a maximum of 24 hours (using Snapchat Stories), so you can give a sneak peek of a product without committing to it staying up for a long time.  This can help generate excitement about a product launch or a new service. Many professional sports teams use Snapchat to allow their fans to connect with the team on a personal level.  When you make customers feel like insiders, they reward you with loyalty.

4)     It Allows Brands to Reward their Followers with Coupons

One of the ways that brands have engendered loyalty with their followers is by sending snaps that can be redeemed as coupons for their products and services. One of the first brands to use Snapchat successfully was a frozen yogurt parlour in the US who offered their fans a coupon if they snapped a shot of themselves with the product. It was a great way to generate return business. Another study showed that 58% of college students would buy a product if they were sent a coupon via Snapchat.

With all of these reasons, and a relatively low cost of entry (you really just need a phone with Snapchat on it), there is no reason a brand shouldn’t at least check out Snapchat and decide if it’s a good fit.

Posted on May 11, 2015 .